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at these terrible pictures. the economy, it is in the doldrums, thinking about unemployment anymore. >> just the worst. numbers came out over the past hour. 11.6% is the unemployment rate in the eurozone. of course, singled out again, spain, greece, just over 25%. we have heard this before, but you are almost looking at the creation of a generation of unemployed. it will be hard to get back into the job market. more on parliament, but let me get this in, air france, it is ok, the posted profits, making a net profit of $300 million. >> says something about recession and the way that works. thank you very much, indeed, for all of that. that was an american accent, i think, from an australian? never mind. plenty more to come. shanghai, the economic powerhouse of china. are the chinese falling out of love? we will find out. the united nations says that opium populations have risen for the six -- sixth concern -- sixth consecutive year. gary lewis is the southeast asia representative of the u.n. office on drugs and crime and is explaining what is fueling this growth. >> what is driving the growth
will come back on. the cost to the economy is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars. ouret's talk to correspondent who is in new york. i think they had all sorts of analyses. it was even worse than what they thought. >> i think the worst fears were confirmed last night when the storm came in all across manhattan playing havoc with public transport systems. floods have leave to many residents stranded. we have also seen some pretty devastating pictures of fires. this is in the borough of queens in new york state. this fire we believe destroying at least 50 homes caused by the power short circuits that have really taken hold and damaged so many buildings. just one of the big problems that the authorities here are dealing with. floods taking control of seven of the subway tunnels connecting manhattan to neighboring boroughs. they are not entirely flooded. the tunnel that connects manhattan to other parts also flooded and many of the road in and around lower manhattan are now completely under water which has an effect on the power. many of the power lines have been affected. wa
. >> thank you for that report from geneva. the u.s. economy is at the heart of the presidential election. in less than two hours, a key jobs figures will be released. 100,000 new jobs need to be created every month to keep up with the growing population. president obama and his rival mitt romney have a matter of days to swing voters their way. the mayor of new york knows who he will support. michael bloomberg says superstorm sandy has helped him make up his mind. rally inent obama's colorado in 2008, a young adoring crowd. >> are you fired up? [cheers] >> the placards or different, but the change is still on the agenda. it is just that change takes time, he says. >> you know where i stand and you know i'm willing to make tough decisions even when they are not politically convenient. [cheers and applause] >> the looked like he was enjoying himself, which was not always the case in this campaign. people wondered after he still had a fight in him, after his first debate. he also had good reason to smile. the unexpected backing of new york mayor michael bloomberg, out from managing the city'
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3